Some techniques to memorization the Quran online

It takes a lot of effort to memorize the Quran online. Memorizing the entire Quran takes a lot of effort. When a person begins the process of memorizing the Quran, they will face several challenges. However, if the proper actions are taken, these conflicts can be addressed.

Techniques for Memorizing the Quran online

Quran memorization online is a spiritual as well as a physical undertaking. Muslims use a variety of methods to memorize Quran online. Some strategies and approaches for improving memorizing power are listed below:


Every day, begin memorizing the Quran online at the same time, in the same place, and with the same Mushaf. The use of the same Mushaf ensures that memorizing is aided by graphic memory, allowing you to memorize the Quran more easily.

Listen to the Quran Being Recited

Listening to various lectures of the Quran also aids in the memorization of its passages. Regularly listening to the same ayahs will imprint them in your mind and make them easy to recall. Choose an audio recording of a Qari reciting the Quran and listen to it during the day or before retiring to bed. You will get more comfortable with the verses and your ability to memorize the Quran online will improve.

Prayers Recitation

Recite what you have memorized in your salah every day. If you forget one section, you will hurry to the Quran to correct your error, and you will never make the same mistake again. This will make it easier for you to pray while also memorizing the Quran.


The first and most crucial thing you must consider is your purpose. Make certain that your goal is only for Allah’s sake, to seek His favor and mercy. It is not to brag in front of others about how well you know the Quran. You must honestly believe that the Quran is Allah’s message, and that memorizing it is nothing more than an effort to seek Allah’s blessings. When you have such sincere goals, your heart motivates you to put out the effort necessary to memorize the Quran.

Use a Variety of Techniques

When you first start memorizing the Quran, you’ll come across a lot of unfamiliar verses. So, in order to commit those verses to memory, write them down on a sheet of paper. Continue to memorize them until you’ve committed them to memory. It could take a while. Arabic is a difficult language to learn. In Arabic, the Holy Quran is written. As a result, memorizing the Quran rapidly is challenging for non-Arabs.

 It might take a few days for you to memorize two or three verses. So take your time. If you are unable to memorize it within a few days, you should read those passages several times over the following few weeks. When you have a chance,

Adopt Positive Methods

Adopt Positive Methods Quran memorization online must be constant. As many times as you can, repeat a verse. Also, aloud. After reading a verse, close the Quran and recite it to see whether you remember it. Recite your freshly learned verses in Salah; this is the most effective way to review them. You must be constant in your approach and periodically take new and revise previous classes. The more consistent you are, the easier it will be to memorize Quran online and progress in your study.


It becomes easy to memorize the more you do it.It’s critical to stick to a schedule and not miss a single day. In worship, there is no such thing as a weekend.Three lines should be memorized at the very lowest, but five is preferred. InshAllah, if you are consistent, you will be able to huffed in 5-6 years.

Small Group Teaching

Dividing the Quran into parts is the most common and widely acknowledged method of memorizing it. The minor surahs should be the first portion (chapters). By studying fewer surahs, Hafiz is motivated to memorize a large amount of quranic verses rapidly. This drive will aid him in learning the most difficult and in-depth surahs. Memorizing shorter ayahs also allows the Hafiz to recite them in daily Salah (prayers). As a result, this juz will be imprinted on the person’s memory for the rest of their life.

Make a Mental Note of the Meaning

Before you begin, read the translation and try to match the Arabic terms to their meanings.

Do Not Skip Surah 

Consistency is key. Stick to the order and don’t try to move to a different surah if you find it tough. You’ll enjoy the satisfaction of finishing a juz rather than leaving bits and pieces here and there.

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