Rug Washing Vs. Carpet Cleaning: What’s The Difference?

For many people, rugs and carpets are the same. However, they are not. There is a big difference between these two floorings, so the cleaning methods vary. Avoid hiring rug cleaners for professional rug cleaning services and vice versa. You will avoid doing that once you read this post. Here are the differences between these two cleaning techniques: 

Rug Washing

When it comes to rug washing, you should be specific and result-oriented. Rugs are delicate and vibrant in colours or styles. You have to take extra care of authentic flooring.

If you hire skilled rug washing specialists, they take rug washing to a whole different level. They apply a multi-step method to examine, clean, restore, and repair your rugs to a stunning condition, extending the life of your flooring and bringing out its inherent beauty and lively colours.

Some important things to remember with rugs:

  • They are often more delicate than carpets and should be handled with care.
  • Dye bleeding may occur in some rugs.
  • Rugs can collect stains to the edge, which does not happen with placed, wall-to-wall carpet.
  • Some rugs like Oriental and Persian need handwashing.

How to Care for a Rug: 

  • Use rug pads as they hold rugs securely. Rug pads, while subtle, are crucial, and a quality product will safeguard your rug while also extending its lifespan.
  • Switch out your rugs. This guarantees even wear and reduces fading in sunlight-exposed environments.
  • Clean spills as soon as possible. In the event of a pet accident or an unintentional spill of food or beverage, eliminate any trash or fluid and blot the spill. Then, as soon as possible, get your rug professionally cleaned to minimise persistent smells and discolouration. Because of the risk of damaging delicate fibres, we recommend that you do not wet your flooring or use cleaning chemicals to clean it.
  • Hire only experienced and reliable professional rug cleaning services.

Carpet Cleaning 

Wall-to-wall carpeting put throughout your home may be cleaned in the same way that area rugs are. 

  • Food or beverage spills should be cleaned up and the damaged area wiped with a clean cloth; the same goes for pet stains, which may be cleaned with a spray-on store-bought cleaner and then blotted. Vacuum carpets regularly.
  • However, for a more thorough cleaning, carpets may be cleaned utilising steam cleaning machines or hot water extraction procedures to remove dirt, allergens, and grime from your carpets.
  • Carpets are of different fabrics, so you have to hire carpet cleaners instead of rug washing experts. 

We hope this post was helpful for you to understand the difference between two floorings and their cleaning techniques. We recommend hiring professional rug cleaning services at least once a year. That will save your flooring from germs, dirt, and stubborn stains. Choose rug washing experts you trust. While doing so, take care of your furnishing and other assets. Try to research and select the top company for this job. All the best for your cleaning mission!

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