How to Get Rid of Fleas from Your Rug?

Fluffy rugs are super-comfy, but pests like fleas can get trapped in their threads. Especially if you have a pet and a woolly flooring, the flea issues won’t be unusual for you. But, with proper rug cleaning methods, you can make your flooring pest-free and let your pets enjoy their naps on rugs without the irritation of flying insects.

Here are some ways to keep these tiny pests away from your rugs:

1. Let Your Vacuum Cleaner Keep the Fleas Away 

Vacuuming not only removes dust and debris but helps to reduce flea infestation in the flooring. With regular vacuum cleaning, you can prevent this issue. Also, hose attachments and crevice tools can remove hidden fleas trapped in the threads. Along with the rugs, vacuum pet furniture, their bedding and couches to eliminate fleas from all around the room.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to remove the vacuum bag after each vacuuming session. The fleas can easily find their way back to rugs, carpets and pets.

2. Steam Clean Your Rugs and Other Upholstered Items 

Your pets may get fleas from street animals or neighbouring pets. Then, your flurry friend snuggles on the couch, sofa or rug, and the insects find these places cosier than the constantly moving fur of your pet. That’s why it’s mandatory to steam clean all upholsteries with a rug cleaning. You can either use a steam cleaner or hire rug cleaning specialists to do it effectively without any hassle. Once you get rid of the fleas, ensure a cleaning and vacuuming routine to keep them away forever. 

3. Try Flea Spray 

Some stubborn fleas may not give up even after vacuuming. So, in such cases, it’s better to use a flea spray on the rug. However, you have to ask the rug cleaning specialist if the spray’s components are safe for the fibres or not. Only after being sure of the safety of your valuable flooring, move ahead and buy a flea spray. Use it as mentioned in its instruction section. 

Note: Some rug flea sprays need some days or hours, and you may have to keep the flooring isolated for that period. 

4. Shampoo Your Rugs 

Shampooing or washing your floorings is the best way to remove fleas as they don’t like excessive water and can’t stand the foam. However, shampooing is not suitable for all rug types. Some floorings like Persian and Oriental need handwashing with natural products. 

You can try finding green shampoos that are suitable for your flooring. Ask the rug specialists about the solutions or read the care label for instructions. You can also hire experts to shampoo your rugs. The professionals inspect the type of fabric and other factors to choose the best solution and washing method. They also guide you with regular maintenance. 

Try these rug cleaning hacks and safeguard the flooring from pests. It’s not only about the rug, but keeping it flea-free will ensure a safe place for your pets to snuggle. 

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