Helpful Guidance on Writing an Exemplification Essay


An Exemplification Essay refers to an essay on which a topic is discussed, and examples about the given topic are provided in that essay. The range of examples given in the essay is unlimited and is mainly determined by the topic being discussed. The main reason for providing examples is to help communicate the message better to the reader. This helps communicate the writer’s message by offering a visual about the given point of discussion. This is important while discussing topics relating to processes. For example, the writer can make a process diagram by showing the points discussed in the essay using a visual to help understand more people.

Reasons essay writing services prefer providing examples.

Examples plan an essential part towards communicating a message to a reader, but visual examples have been known to be even more effective towards communicating a message to a reader. Research shows there are various forms of learning, and each person would adopt and use a specific form of learning that best suits them. Visual learning, auditory learning and Reading/writing learners are the three primary forms of learning. While the emphasis was mainly placed on Reading/writing learners, research today shows that most people are better visual and auditory learners. There are various factors linked to this, but the main is that visual and auditory learning techniques offer a summary relating to the topic instead of written versions of the information. This results in many people preferring to review a topic’s summary using visual and audio techniques based on which they can decide whether they want to research the topic further. Research also shows that humans respond faster and more attentively to image illustrations instead of written content. This is why most businesses develop advertisements with a high concentration of image graphics. This helps attract a viewer’s attention instead of advertisements based on written content. 

Exemplification Essay Formatting

Exemplification refers to including relevant examples in a given essay. Therefore, it is essential to undertake in-depth research on a topic and identify areas to be reported. Only after the areas to be reported have been identified and the sub-points explored can the examples be collected or visual examples prepared for the given points. The examples require providing a brief overview of the given points, allowing the reader to follow the essay content while referring to the examples. This makes visual illustration much more effective in communicating the written message, making the message considerably easier to understand. Therefore, a good Exemplification Essay requires the writer to provide a balanced mix of written content and examples, both written and imagery, in the essay. This provides a straightforward layout that a reader can follow. 

Examples of Exemplification on an essay

A good essay requires the topic to be broken down into primary and subheadings. This helps with the essay format and helps break down the essay into smaller sections, each one focusing on a specific discussion point. Ideally, the examples required to be provided at the beginning or end of the discussion of each main point. The visual required to be focused only on the given point, therefore, maximizing the reader’s understanding of the given discussion point. 

Text examples

In cases where the author opts to use a written text example, the text example requires following a bullet point format that will help summarize the content in a few words, making it easier for the reader to understand the information. The text examples also need to be organized and arranged as per the process given in the essay. This ensures that the essay’s text and the example follow the same format, therefore, ensuring the reader can read the essay and refer to the bullet point to clarify their doubts.

Illustration examples

Exemplification essays are mainly made up of two types of Illustrations: Posters and Infographics. These exemplifiers consist mainly of images that demonstrate a process or point, offering an image that the reader can refer to and enhance their topic understanding. Below is an example of an infographic depicting the process and steps a person must follow while choosing an Exemplification Essay topic. As observed below, the infographic offers a compact summary of the Exemplification Essay topic selection process.


As seen above, the infographic illustration helps provide a clear summary of the exemplification essay topic selection process, allowing viewers to quickly summarize the essay topic selection process in a few steps. This is important as it allows the reader to scan the essay main point highlights if they lack time to read the essay while still acquiring the detailed information relating to the essay selection steps. The infographics mainly consist of images directly relating to the points of discussion and a summary of the point being discussed, which can quickly be scanned to provide a better understanding.

Where to get Exemplification Essay illustrations

Exemplification essay consists of illustrations describing the process points of steps discussed within the essay. Therefore, the illustration must be freshly prepared to ensure they address the essay points. This is a significant reason most people do not prepare an Exemplification Essay with illustrations as they are also required to prepare the illustration to be used in the essay. Today illustrations can be made online, but people who require HD illustrations can make them using premium photo editing software. It is also possible to locate editable infographic illustration templates online, which can quickly prepare an Exemplification Essay illustration.


Not all essay writing services specialize in Exemplification Essay writing; therefore, make sure you request previous samples to help assess the service provider’s capacity to prepare a high-quality Exemplification Essay. Give preference only to essay help services specializing in Exemplification Essay and valuable tools and software that generate HD quality illustrations.

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