Are Life-size Love Dolls Sexual Tools or Emotional Companions

Most people believe that the users of realistic love dolls are otaku who usually do not interact with women, and there are no women in middle age. In fact, 30-40% of our users are married. The childless couple bought a doll to raise as a daughter. Or older, widowed people find spiritual nourishment through dolls. So are love dolls sex toys or human companions? Can they emotionally replace real people? Does their presence affect real-life intimacy?

Sex doll lovers are not perverts!

Sex doll lovers have their own community. Like other interest groups, they share fun and experiences on forums. They also make friends and socialize. “Usually we put the doll on the sofa and talk about life, housing prices and national conditions,” said Jim, a native Canadian.

Jim, 34, cheerful and talkative. It’s hard to say he’s been playing with dolls for more than ten years. He lives with his girlfriend, and two silicone dolls sit on the sofa in the living room, like works of art.

Jim developed an interest in sex dolls during college due to his hormonal sex drive. He discarded it after puberty. At the age of 31, he broke up with his girlfriend of three years. It was a bit like a divorce and he was exhausted. The failure of the relationship allowed him to be more honest with himself, and he regained his love for real dolls and found purpose in life.

Jim said: “Sakura was my first torso love doll. I never had sex with her, I just raised her as a daughter. I had five dolls piled up in my living room. Because of my girlfriend, I Sent two home.”

For Jim, the doll was a new beginning in his life. It can stay with him until he gets over the hurt from the previous relationship and starts a new one. “But if you can’t get out, that’s okay. You can spend the rest of your life in this beautiful world with the doll’s company, and never let reality get in your way,” Jim said with a smile.

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